My name is Peter Hillerström, and this is my personal site slash blog. I'm a professional software engineer with an MSc in Computer Science from Chalmers University of Technology. My main technical interests are computer graphics, GPU programming, low-level optimization and games.

Outside of programming I'm a lover of fiction, movies, books, games, you name it. I especially love science fiction, both good and bad.

My code

A lot of my code is available at my github page and at the github page of SkipIfZero. For games I've finished take a look here.


SkipIfZero was the name of my 'company' I created when I started making games back in the swedish equivalent of high school. I was naiver back then and had fantasies about starting an independent game studio. That didn't really pan out (at least not yet), but the name still stuck. Nowadays I often shorten it to SFZ.


I am currently employed as a consultant and not looking for new work. However, as a consultant I always keep my eyes open for new interesting assignments. If you have an interesting project you think I would be a good fit for, please feel free to contact me!


Feel free to contact me at petor@hstroem.se. Or perhaps just send me a tweet.