This is a list of most finished or near finished games I've been involved with.



A 3d snake game, which was under development on and off for a pretty long period of time. I think the end result turned out quite nice, so download it and give it a go! Read more in the release post or on the Github page.

Download for free here!

Legend of Cube

A 3d platformer made in a team as part of my bachelor's thesis. I was mainly responsible for writing the physics engine and implementing gameplay mechanics (such as jumping). To be completely honest I don't really have a lot to say about this game. A couple of fundamental mistakes were made and a few more months of development is needed to to turn it into a good product. As it stands it is a proof of concept to borrow elements from when making a new game.

Available here.

Old android projects

These are some of the first games I made. Android was the target platform in the naive hope that I could make money selling them (note: you really can't). Instead I decided to release them for free, check them out if you are interested.


A nice snake clone featuring multiple game modes and very customizable rules. Made in the summer of 2013 after my first year at Chalmers. Unlike previous projects I decided to focus on something smaller in scope and instead try to do it really, really well. The focus of snakium was to make it look really good and give it a distinct style and theme. Lessons were learned from previous projects and much effort went into making the quick, tight controls of snake work on a touch device.

It's available for free on Google Play Store, so grab it now! The source is also available on Github.

Features music and sound effects by Coffer.

Space Hunter

Space Hunter is space shooter for Android. It was made during 2011/2012 as a school project. As it was my first 'real' programming project I didn't really have any prior experience and the process was very much trial and error. I think the end result still turned out quite nice, but the source code is a huge mess.

It's available for free on Google Play Store, so go ahead and try it out!