snakium³ release

snakium³ release

Completely free, download here!

So it is finally time, this is the first release (v1.0) of snakium³ (pronounced snake-ium-cubed). snakium³ is an extension of the classic 2d game snake into 3d. Instead of having a flat gameplan the snake moves around on the outside of a cube.

snakium³ has been in development on and off for about 1.5 years now. Mostly progress happened in small concentrated bursts, then being stuck at roughly the same spot for a longer period of time. One of the last major additions have been music and sound effects, courtesy of my good friend Christoffer Matsson. With that I feel that snakium³ is finally in a good enough state to be released.

Since the game has gone through a couple of major revisions it might be fun to have a look at some older versions. First up is an image of the game before 3d models were used, instead using sprites directly from the android version:

Later on there was a time when snakium³ had volumetric lighting:

This has since been removed. It made the game harder to play by obscuring the player’s visibility, and in general it was not a perfect fit for game’s style.

So, go ahead and download it. Or perhaps take a look at the source code.

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